August 2013

Ok friends, we have a lot to cover here. I promised you all a blog about social media and so here it is.

Not_facebook_not_like_thumbs_downFacebook is an incredible anomaly for my generation. Through the use of the Internet Facebook has literally changed the way in which the world communicates. Some people may or may not know this but Facebook and it’s ability to allow people to communicate quickly an uninhibitedly has been an integral part of successful revolutions in 3rd world countries. It has allowed people to organize, trade and share ideas and basically made the world smaller and more accessible to hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

Personally, I love it, and I spend a probably an hour or two per day on it. It is how I stay connected with the friends I have met all over the world. It is a place where I can introduce new ideas to my network for validated learning and feedback. It is an experience where I can share about my life with the world and make real connections with real people. Not to mention it is the best way to “vet” a new person that you are dating or to find out a little bit more about that new business acquaintance you are thinking about getting in to business with. Bottom line, it is how the world communicates. 500 million active members, 50 percent of whom login each day. The average user creates 90 pieces of content each month, and the average user is connected to 80 community pages.

So what happens when it back fires???

In the last week I have been hypercritical of Facebook posts coming through my news feed. I was watching very closely to see how much of the content was negative bullshit where people were just complaining about non-sense. Sometimes I wish more kids from Cambodia or South Sudan would post about the problems they deal with on a daily basis because that would put it all in perspective. This video conveys it well.


Do us all a favor, and start updating your status with positive and uplifting things not to be confused with ridiculous self-affirmations to the world (aka Facebook). Affirmations only work when they are backed up with real action.

I mean for this post to be a reality check on what is really important. Just think to yourself, if you didn’t have Facebook, would you really go in front of a room full of people who are your friends or that you are acquainted with and say something like “Do you remember when there was only 1 Angry Birds game? I feel like a hoarder with the sheer number of these games sitting un-played on my phone lately.”

Well, no I don’t remember, because I thought angry birds was a game that little kids played on their parents phones, but thanks for that insightful and profound contribution.

Look, if you don’t know what to say, you could always find someone well-known like Albert Einstein or Tony Robbins and just quote them. I Guarantee you will get more likes than if you write some bullshit about what happened on American Idol last night, and the people looking at your wall might even get a little smarter, more enlightened or maybe they will even start following you because you are posting good content.


Now about Spam

I have worked in the Multi-Level Marketing space for about 6 years now and nothing, and I mean nothing screams that you are an Amateur MLM 1st timer by posting something like this on your Facebook or linked in page:

“I just got involved in a multi-million dollar international company that’s rapidly expanding and looking for motivated people to fill positions of this ground floor opportunity.  If your interested, please private message me.”

NO! NO! NO! Just stop your whole life. If who ever brought you in to the business told you to do this, run away from that person because you will NEVER make an income in our industry with bullshit pick-up lines like the one above.

This is about as lame as saying something like “Are you tired, because you have been running through my mind all day “ trying to pick up on a girl who you met at Starbucks. It’s embarrassing, misleading, and it gives our industry a bad name, not to mention, it DOES NOT WORK.

You would be better off standing on a street corner flipping a sign that read “Join My Pyramid Scheme, Positions at the top available, call 555-5555 to find out more.”

Look if no one has taught you anything about prospecting, Facebook should never be the main source of new prospects or lead generation and posting scammy posts on your wall will make you lose friends quicker than Sarah Palin lost the 2008 election. Keep it real, and keep it classy.

I have always thought of my Facebook page to be a virtual representation of myself. What I mean by this is that instead of trying to make myself look better on Facebook, I try to do better in real life and then post my results on Facebook. When people see the results that I am having as a result of what I am doing in my life it begs the question of “WHAT ARE YOU DOING????” When a person asks you something like this specifically, than you now officially have permission to talk business with them.

People have always joined my network marketing business because of me. At the end of the day, if the person does not like me or trust me, than they will never get in to business with me. No one likes to be sold! No one likes to feel pressured! People like to feel special and treated with respect, and if I am just throwing nets out in the general public to try to convert a couple of cold leads, you are in for a very hard road in an MLM or any direct selling or marketing career. Instead, trying going for quality not quantity. Think about what got you in to the industry, did you feel like a number, or like someone actually took and interest in you and gave you the time of day to build a friendship/business relationship with you before they ever spoke about the business.

Here is a short little video of MLM legend Tim Sales explaining this subject


Now that you understand that (hopefully), what did you take away? I hope what you took away is that there is no such thing as a cold lead, or prospect that will ever follow you or join anything that you do just because you simply made it know that you do it. You must engage that person, find out what he or she likes or dislikes and warm them up to the idea before you can even get in to talking about any kind of business. This formula is true in any kind of sales or customer acquisition business. When you post linear scammy business posts on Facebook, you forget that everyone who is seeing it knows you, and if they know you as Johnny the kid who delivers pizzas and makes 35K a year, they will find it comical that you are talking about making a 100K + income.

You would have been better off telling the truth. Maybe something like this….

“I hate delivering pizzas and making 30K per year so I went out looking for something better and met _______________(a successful person) who makes way more than I do and seems to have all the time freedom in the world to do what ever he/she wants to do. I am going to a meeting this week to learn more, anyone interested in going with me???”

And the truth shall set you free.

I hope this was helpful, now go out there and apply some of the things you have learned here, and if you see someone posting some ridiculousness on Facebook, please do us all a favor, share the link of this blog post, and send them to school.


See you at the TOP!! 








I am 29 years old and live in America. I was born in Los Angeles, grew up with two parents (who haven’t gotten divorced) that both have college educations and  raised me to never depend on the government to get by.

Over the past couple of years as I have struggled to keep business’ going and find new ways to create jobs and security for myself and people I work with. I can’t help but notice the decaying archaic system that we live in.

broke_by_SatansgoalieFirst let’s do some comparisons.

In 1970, a year of tuition at a public university cost was $1207 and the most recent year of data available, 2007, a year of tuition at a public university cost $11,034. That represents an annual average increase of 6.2%, which, if you applied it to the 2007 price, gives you an estimated 2010 cost of a year of education as being $13,216. That’s a 994% increase in the cost of a four-year degree.

The median price of a home sold in the United States in January 1970 was $23,600. The median price of a home sold in the United States in January 2011 was $240,100. That’s an increase of 917%, one on par with the jump in education prices. If you live in California, you will be able to pay off your house when you are 140 years old 🙂

Medical / Dental
Well lets put it this way. 3 months ago, I got injured in Bali Indonesia. I hit the Reef surfing, got bit by a money, fell off a motor scooter, and got my neck tweaked doing jiu-jitsu. I spent 1/2 a day in the hospital, got a rabies shot, stitches, bandages, antibiotics and saw a chiropractor to adjust my neck. Total Coast – About 1.2 million rupia or about $120 U.S. 

2 weeks go I had to go the hospital and spent 3 hours there to be treated for my tonsils swelling , I was given two I.V. bags of saline solution, a steroid injection and some pain meds. Total Cost $6,800 and $2,200 to me after insurance paid for it! By the way, I have full coverage medical insurance @ $154 per month which has increased 20% every year, and this was the first time in 5 years I have ever been to the hospital. I’m in perfect health, don’t drink, smoke or do any drugs.

I went to see the dentist a week ago for a teeth cleaning. Turns out I needed 4 fillings, and a crown, they estimated it would cost $4,100!!!!!!! But 3 months ago I was in Lima Peru, and had a dentist re-do 4 fillings and it cost me $90. So I think I’ll head down to mexico to get my teeth done there.

By now your probably trying to come up with 100 excuses why were still the best country in the world. Well depending on where you’re at, that statement is subjective. If all my friends who are 50+ years old and have worked their whole lives are doing ok now if…..

-They have saved some money

-own some property

-Have a skill set or job that will not become completely replaced in the next couple of years.

Older people are not making ANY new investments, because they have no expendable cash now and if they do have cash, the amount of risk they would be taking now is GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE. Not to mention, if they have kids, they are trying to support them because there is far less work out there then when they were young.

Time for a reality check…..

America is not getting better. The same people who collapsed this economy in 2005 are still running shit. That’s why nothing is different. Rich people will continue to stay in power and get more rich not because they are taxed more or less but because they have money to invest, and you DON’T. You also have no way to attain wealth because there is no school or education that you can get that is going to 100% guarantee your success. The barrier of entry is simply 1000 times greater than when my generations parents were growing up. 

Politicians are crooks (generally) and don’t give a shit about anything except getting re-elected and taking care of their own. If you think going to the polls once a year is going to help, let me know how that working out for you. 

Bottom line is that were way over due for a revolution.

The saddest part  is that my generation and all the ones behind me a brainwashed. If you don’t believe me here is the test…..

Answer these questions to yourself.

1. Who is Brad Pitt Married too?

2. Name 2 current supreme court judges. (There are 9 total, just name 2)

3. What was loud obnoxious girl on the Show “Jersey Shore” who was kind of fat and always talking shit?

4. Could you file your own Tax return with no help from a CPA?

5. Who won American Idol last year?

6.Who is your local district congress person?

7. What statement is the rapper Lil John best known for?

8. How is your FICO score generated?

9. Whats the hottest night club in Vegas right now?

10. Do you know the requirements to obtain a mortgage to buy a home and how much you would need to put down on that house?

11. In the last year, have you bought a Starbucks, Flat Screen TV, gaming system (Wii, X-Box etc.) or have cable T.V.

12. In the last year have you saved 25% or more of your income, invested in your retirement or some kind income producing asset?


If you could answer all of the odd questions, congratulations, your part of the problem. They mean absolutely NOTING. If you know the answers, it will never help you in life what so ever and the fact that you have spent time learning these things and absorbing that information shows how brain washed and conditioned to learning useless information that you are. More importantly, that useless knowledge has consumed valuable space in your brain that could have been allocated to some shit that actually matters. Stop watching TV, throw your Xbox in the trash, save the money your spending on cable on $6 coffee’s at Starbucks.

If you could answer just 1 of the even questions, you’re doing better than 95% of current youth of America. If you  could answer 1/2 of the even questions correctly, you have a chance, and if you got them all, you might just be able to make a life for yourself and will probably even survive the Zombie Apocalypse if we have one.

The fact of the matter is that I bet you knew all the answers and possess all kinds of knowledge about a bunch of stuff that doesn’t matter. It’s not entirely your fault, there is a ver y calculated, sinister group of elitist rich people who have found the best possible ways to keep you distracted from anything that matters. If you are one of the few who have figured this out, congratulations, you have my respect, support and friendship.

The even questions cover the following.

–The people who decided what is and is not constitutional. 

–Everyone will have to file Tax returns every year for the rest of your life. (So why didn’t they teach that in college)

–Your local congress person is the only say that represents you on a state level, if you don’t even know who that is, when you don’t like something about where you live how do you intend to change that?

–If you have credit cards, debt, a lease, car payment or loan including school loans, you have something called compounding interest getting you further and further from ever generating wealth guaranteeing that you will never retire, you will be a slave. The government wants this, who else is going to pay off the 16 trillion debt that we have racked up over the past ten years.

–Again, if buying a house is a part of the American dream, why don’t they teach that in College too. Simple math, Median Home price in California is $417,000 meaning that if you were ever going to buy some thing you would need to have a 680 or better FICO score and about $85,000 to put down. How much money do you have in the bank right now.

–We are only taught to get in to debt, no one teaches us how to save money. This is why you don’t have the 85K you need to put down on a home to buy 🙂 They don’t teach how to do this is college either, I would know, because I went there.

So in summary, I agree with this dude…. And I think I’m relocating to Bali Indonesia REAL SOON! But if your serious, and you want to learn a new way, or your sick of struggling and want to learn how to fight the system back and make money despite all of the bullshit, Contact me here.