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My Name is Steve Wolf, I love strategy and working with incredible people to make long lasting friendships in business and if life. Live fast, Live Full and  Live long!

I was living in Los Angeles working at Guitar Center when I got the idea to start my first business, a clothing company called All Else Failed Industries (AEF). Working under a mentor, I built my clothing line into a prosperous business selling clothes both domestically and abroad. AEF was presented in every major fashion trade show from ASR (Action Sports Retail Trade Show) to Magic International. In addition, AEF clothing company promoted LA based Punk-Rock bands producing AEF Co-Branded Merchandise. It was a neat business model and a whole lot of fun for an 18 year old kid. Our bands had spots on the Vans Warped Tour where AEF was a major sponsor in 2002 and 2003. It was crazy and a dream come true to see my clothes up on stage and in magazines and news papers like LA Weekly, USA Today, London Fashion, and the Los Angeles times. After a couple of long grueling years in the Los Angeles Punk Rock and Fashion scene, I decided that owning a clothing company was simply not for me. I was lucky to have the success I did so young and on my own back then.

At 20, I decided to leave the fashion world and enter in to the financial services industry off the advice or my mentor Mike Watson. I started working with my brother Michael Wolf, and we teamed up to make some money in the thriving real estate market. This was 2003 so it was booming and I made some of the easiest money I have ever made to this day during those years.

I decided to go back to college shortly before the markets crashed in 2008. I had no idea the gravy train was about to end but I decided that since everyone in my family finished college and had a degree, I should probably get one too! I earned his B.A. in Communications at California State University San Marcos and spent a lot of time traveling abroad. In the summer of 2008, I returned home from an extended trip in western Europe just in time to watch the global financial markets crash leaving me with about $190,000 of debt, and effectively ending my career in mortgage lending.

Despite all of this chaos, I finished my undergraduate studies and published my first book The Rich Kid Syndrome while living off of school loans and credit cards. While promoting my book and looking for a career change after college I found the network marketing industry. This was the last business I ever thought I would get in to, but there wasn’t much else out there and I was dying in debt. I probably should have filed a bankruptcy in 2009 but out of stubbornness and shear work ethic I was able to carve out a six-figure income in less than a year in his first company. In May of 2009, after leaving my first MLM, I took a co-founding distributor position in another MLM company called RevvNRG. I worked as a recruiter, trainer, and marketing specialist for the company traveling around the world motivating and teaching the skill sets to everyday people. I, with a couple of key individuals built a sales organization of over 20,000 people in 5 countries during my time with RevvNRG.

It was during those years in network marketing that I found I had a real knack in discourse. I honed my ability to sell, but I could pitch, recruit, inspire and train. I began to study and train under a series of mentors to master my public speaking skills. In a short amount of time, I found myself carrying messages of success and empowerment to stages across the country and eventually all over the world. I really enjoyed speaking to young people especially college students.

This led to the publication of my next book, The Young Entrepreneurs Guide to Life in 2011. I wrote it to be modern-day guide to helping the young and aspiring entrepreneurs in the 21st century. The concepts found in his book come from the major speaking points I would give in my lectures, especially those lectures to younger and aspiring business professionals and entrepreneurs. The 21st century is vast, complex, and political especially when it come to young people. I just wanted to help people avoid some of the pitfalls I fell in to.

In 2012 The company I had been with almost 5 years went out of business and I couldn’t continue to hedge my earnings against the insurmountable debt that had been accumulating since 2009. I finally filed a Bankruptcy and just started over. I was sick of throwing good healthy money and bad debt, and there are no bail outs for working class people. I was ready for a change, and ready to do something different.

I started doing some consulting work to pay the bills and took some time over the next couple of years to write music, travel and become inspired. I got back in to Surfing, started Sky Diving, and Mixed Martial Arts. These are things I have loved my entire life! It was during this time I met Keeley the love of my life who I eventually married. I came to the realization that I needed to get back to the basics of what had worked for me so well over the years, and instead of swinging for the fences trying to get rich or make a million dollars, I started looking for base hits. Business and ideas that would allow me to have the life I wanted and not have to slave away or live out of a hotel rooms going from city to city like I did in the MLM years.

I found currency trading to be one of these opportunities for me, and while getting a formal education in Currency Trading, the school I was a student at contracted me to do some consulting work for them eventually turning in to a full time gig for me. This gave me enough income and some time to pursue some other entrepreneurial endeavors I wanted to get in to. These days I am taking only calculated risks. Instead of trying to sound larger that life, I am trying to stay right sized, get a little bit and get out! I have honed my focus around Sales and Marketing with an emphasis in Digital Marketing. I picked up a couple certifications from Google over the past years and I am staying laser focused in the Digital Marketing Space looking to become an expert in the field. I am currently looking for new projects to work on, new people to partner with and any opportunity to expand my knowledge in my dedicated fields. If you would like to get in touch with me about a project, or just to connect, please submit a query in the contact section.


-Steven E. Wolf

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