FX365 Institute

The Fx365 Institute is a currency trading school in San Diego CA. They offer the following to their students.

  • Proprietary Forex trading / charting software.
  • 24/7 Virtual Classroom, our online Forex School.
  • FX LIVE, the premier “student-only” private LIVE forex trading room broadcast that airs daily.
  • Mentorship and Instruction from content certified Professional forex traders.
  • One-of-a-kind forex courses and continued education!

This was a full service and complete long term marketing and branding consulting project for me. I worked with the FX365 Institute for 2 years almost exclusively. I created their entire on boarding and sales process front and back end. I also created the content delivery and virtual classroom platform. You will catch me in a series of marketing videos shot for the company. To see the entire scope of the work performed check out the marketing and student sites.


Our little tech start-up.. Roommatefax.com 

Roommatefax is a tech start-up from Southern California that matches roommates together based on personality profiling and other specific factors. This was a pet project of mine that I co-founded with my partner Candace Covington. Currently we are seeking funding to bring the company to life. A good part of the technology has been developed. If you would like a demo of the tech, please submit a contact request.


RevvNRG: Healthy Energy Drinks and supplements for a fit lifestyle.

RevvNRG is a health and wellness company out of Twin Lake Minnesota. We assisted in a comprehensive consulting contract with them consisting of everything from research analytics, company comparison research, Logo, brand and complete product box design.

Revv Worldwide ships it’s products to the USA and all of its territories and Canada. As a contract consultant for the company, I did a range of tasks including:

  • Web Development
  • App Development (Contracted)
  • Video / Commercial Production and Post Production
  • Created Content and site for Virtual Distributor Training
  • Brokered Merger with Ariix International (Purchased RevvNRG in 2014)
  • Built sales training systems training distributors in to the thousands in 4 countries and 2 languages.