Fruit Box

FruitBox is a monthly subscription box company that sells organic farm-fresh fruit via their eCommerce site

Scope of Work

I was contract by Sundance Organics to consult on a direct-to-customer subscription organic fruit box subsidiary. The scope of my work included:

  • Setting up S-corporation and legal entity filing
  • Create proof of concept model
  • Design logo and eCommerce subscription website
  • Perform SEO and create entire social media profile for company
  • Implement initial PPC advertising campaign and hand off to contractors

Design Projects

Design is a broad term. I specialize in efficient design..

What is efficient design?

As an entrepreneur you have to make many decisions. With each decision, there is a cost in time, money and/or resources. Over the years I have found that it has been prudent to understand at least a little bit about a lot of things so I could be more effective in my business analysis. One of the most common time sucks is creative design of any aspect.

As a result of not getting what I need from web, print, media and logo designers for myself or clients over the years, I took it upon myself to learn design basics for the purpose of being able to mock up a website or a corporate logo on the fly with out needing to go through a designer to get the initial job done.

I call this “efficient design” and it is skills like this that have helped me to become a well rounded consultant and liaison to designers. Web designers can no longer hide behind the work because I deeply understand what is involved. This allows me to hold their feet to the fire and make sure I am getting the highest and most efficient quality of work from any contracted designer.

Above are a couple of designs and or logos I have created myself that clients ending up keeping with out the need of contracting work out.

Our little tech start-up.. 

Roommatefax is a tech start-up from Southern California that matches roommates together based on personality profiling and other specific factors. This was a pet project of mine that I co-founded with my partner Candace Covington. Currently we are seeking funding to bring the company to life. A good part of the technology has been developed. If you would like a demo of the tech, please submit a contact request.


RevvNRG: Healthy Energy Drinks and supplements for a fit lifestyle.

RevvNRG is a health and wellness company out of Twin Lake Minnesota. We assisted in a comprehensive consulting contract with them consisting of everything from research analytics, company comparison research, Logo, brand and complete product box design.

Revv Worldwide ships it’s products to the USA and all of its territories and Canada. As a contract consultant for the company, I did a range of tasks including:

  • Web Development
  • App Development (Contracted)
  • Video / Commercial Production and Post Production
  • Created Content and site for Virtual Distributor Training
  • Brokered Merger with Ariix International (Purchased RevvNRG in 2014)
  • Built sales training systems training distributors in to the thousands in 4 countries and 2 languages.


Indo Love

Indo-Love: Hand Made and Ocean -inspired jewelry from Bali and Beyond.

Indo Love is a boutique Yoga and Ocean-Inspired Jewelry eCommerce site made with a lot of love. I worked on a complete marketing package for this brand building an eCommerce website to meet the needs of it’s growing customer base as well as do a whole diagnostic consulting report to identify Indo-Loves’ target demographic and tie together marketing campaigns online and off.

See our work at 

Web Design / Development

Web Design / Development Projects

I don’t claim to be a Web Developer, but I can develop websites

Much like my approach to efficient graphic design, my web developing capabilities came from hitting a cog with web developers when trying to complete and deliver projects. It was so time  consuming and expensive to outsource small projects so I learned how to code to the degree where I could offer clients simple out of the box web sites specializing  in eCommerce. By doing this I was able to expand my horizons as a consultant and gain some insight in to the web development projects and what it takes to complete them

The areas where I have completed the most work and where I possess a commanding knowledge of front end design to back data base architecting are on the following platforms and affiliates:

  • WordPress:
    • Template and Plugin Design and customization
    • WooCommerce
    • Stripe
    • PayPal
    • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
    • WordPress SEO and Analytics
    • UI / UX and buddypress
  • Shopify, Squarespace, Magento:
    • Monthly Subscriptions
    • Recurring Payments
    • UI / UX
    • Performance Integrations
  • Servers:
    • WP Engine
    • GoDaddy
    • Blue Host
    • Host Gator