Masterful Sales Consulting

Training, Implementation & results
The life blood of most business is sales. Sales is sales, marketing is different, but they get lumped together all to often. 

I am a veteran sales professional, make no mistake about it. I learned early on in life that the best sales people understand marketing well, and that a comprehensive understanding of marketing science will push you to the top of your game in any sales organization. I obtained a degree in communications with a designation in consumer psychology. The true art of sale or a sales force lies in the understanding of the enterprises customer. There is no guess work involved, just hard work and good science.

Here are some of the ways I have helped organizations.

  • Using data to draw sales conclusions and assumptions.
  • Lead scoring and lead generation.
  • Leveraging technology to shorten sales cycles and obtain better an more efficient results.
  • SaaS models.
  • Product launches on and offline.
  • Sales organization training, restructuring and staffing.
  • Sales training.
  • Sales consulting.
  • Teaching people how to close!