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I was heavily involved in the Multi-Level Marketing space from 2008 to 2013. I got in to the industry when I was 23 years old, and I have learned quite a bit during my time in the trenches. I worked hard, I built big, made some serious money.

Although I have been out of the industry completely for a couple years, I do consult for MLM companies from time to time.

The areas of focus for my MLM consulting are narrow. I specialize in attracting Millennials and have a concise tracked marketing structure that allows companies to access a younger group of people. Young people are traditionally the hardest to recruit and retain in the MLM industry.

Here are my MLM Dist/Recruiting Stats

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  • -2008-2009
  • -Highest Paid Rank – Ruby (89k – 103k Per Year)
  • -Downline Size 5,500
  • -Personal Recruits – 89
  • -Time to Highest Paid Rank – 9 Months
  • -Reason For leaving – Left following a former mentor in to RevvNRG


  • -2009-2013
  • -Highest Paid Rank – Black Pearl (150k – 190k Per Year)
  • -I was the # 3 earner in the entire company as a consultant.
  • -Downline Size 27,800 (Company Size 62,000k)
  • -Personal Recruits – 197
  • -Time to Highest Paid Rank – 17 Months
  • In 2013 I brokered an acquisition between RevvNRG and ARIIX int.

Even though I have seen a lot of crazy stuff in the MLM industry, It hasn’t changed my belief that Network Marketing can be one of the greatest opportunities anyone can have who is hoping to one day escape their 9 to 5 job and changing his or her life with small start-up costs and lots of hard work. It can be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time with hard work and consistency. To read more about what I personally love and hate about the industry, check out this blog I wrote!



If you are looking for some high level consulting for your MLM company big or small, feel free to get in touch with me by filling out the contact form on this site. 


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