One of the best lessons I learned in life as a young man growing up was that in order to be successful in life you are going to have to pay some dues. In fact I believed in it so much, that I got it Tattooed around my neck!

My mentors taught me that anything in life of any value would not be easy to get. The more I wanted, the harder I would have to work for it. Here are some lessons that they taught me about paying my dues!

This is one of my Mentors Perry

This is one of my Mentors Perry

Perry P Sayings to me.

“Never walk away from a situation feeling like you should have said or done something and didn’t act. The emotional pain will last much longer and be much worse than a black eye.”

“By just saying something, or trying you have a 50% chance of getting it, and 100% chance you wont if you don’t try or say anything at all”

“You can push yourself 100 times harder than you even believe you can.”

“Anything worth any value in life will have to be fought for. You will get tired, you will cry, you will bleed and you will want to give up at times. If you push through it, you are a warrior and champion, but if you quit, your a quitter, a person who doesn’t finish what they start, and no one will remember what you did, because you gave up on it.


….and there were so many more. Perry ended up dying after trying

262053_10151221381849477_445217267_nto get a liver transplant in China. He had Hep C from a tattoo gun sincehe was 13 years old and was one of the toughest people I ever met. When he died, I was devastated, and I was only 20 years old. But I knew that Perry would never want me to spend much time grieving, he would have wanted to see me live to my potential and share all of the knowledge I had learned from him with the world. 

Paying my dues in life means that I never forget where I come from and that if I really want something, I have to be ready to endure all that comes with it good or bad. Perry used to box, he would always say, “how many times should you get knocked out before you get good, further more, how many times will you get punched in the face before you start blocking,” and what he meant was that it was by doing that you learn.

Don’t be afraid to pay dues, volunteer and go first. Then don’t give up!!!


Have a great weekend and Rest in Peace big Perry, I love you man!!!


Have a great weekend!









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