App Development

App Development

Introducing the all-in-one, white-labeled social media engagement platform. 


Skylab Apps

I serve as the director of sales and marketing for Skylab Apps. I am also a shareholder.

Led by CEO Dean Grey, Skylab is an innovative tech company that has created a native mobile platform to help brands and influencers meet their mission by offering a customizable mobile platform.

The platform is a complete solution and is my recommendation for anyone looking to build a native mobile app for the purpose of deeper engagement.

See all the details by visiting:

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the Future:

The Word Digital Marketing is a Buzzword and thrown around a lot in today’s market place.

The digital marketing world can be an endless abyss of information. Knowing what actually works and how much time and money a company should spend towards it can be daunting.

As a sales and marketing professional it made sense for me to make the transition from marketing strategies of the past to a modern online approach to generating leads and sales for products and services. I took the step of becoming Google Adwords and Analytics certified so I could put some credibility behind my abilities in digital marketing.

Now, much like a college degree can persuade an HR manager to hire you, being certified does not mean that an individual can successfully run your companies digital marketing campaign. Digital marketing is a moving target that changes daily. Staying current on trends in the market place and understanding how to interpret consumer analytical data for the specific purpose of turning raw data in to successful marketing campaigns is the secret sauce for any digital marketer.

Design Projects

Design Projects

Design is a broad term. I specialize in efficient design..

What is efficient design?

As an entrepreneur you have to make many decisions. With each decision, there is a cost in time, money and/or resources. Over the years I have found that it has been prudent to understand at least a little bit about a lot of things so I could be more effective in my business analysis. One of the most common time sucks is creative design of any aspect.

As a result of not getting what I need from web, print, media and logo designers for myself or clients over the years, I took it upon myself to learn design basics for the purpose of being able to mock up a website or a corporate logo on the fly with out needing to go through a designer to get the initial job done.

I call this “efficient design” and it is skills like this that have helped me to become a well rounded consultant and liaison to designers. Web designers can no longer hide behind the work because I deeply understand what is involved. This allows me to hold their feet to the fire and make sure I am getting the highest and most efficient quality of work from any contracted designer.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing:

Sales is sales, marketing is different, but they get lumped together all to often. 

I am a veteran sales professional, make no mistake about it. I learned early on in life that the best sales people understand marketing well, and that a comprehensive understanding of marketing science will push you to the top of your game in any sales organization. With all of my partners and clients, I have served in a sales and marketing capacity. Digital marketing, social media, email marketing, opt-ins, click funnels etc. all fall under the umbrealla marketing to get sales.

The important take away here is that I have a solid foundation in sales combined with years of marketing experience at a high level. Those two skill sets combined with a modern approach to obtain new customers is the magic sauce that allows to stay relevant and successful in the field.


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