So I’m at day 3 of the Anthony Robbins UPW event in LA. I am so excited and grateful to be here!!!

One thing that always remains true this path for me in Life is an insatiable desire to learn and grow in my personal and professional life.

I have gotten a chance to hang out with my cousin Jordan Adler and some of his top leaders in his MLM company. I always love meeting Jordan’s friends because they always have this common thread between them where they are not only incredibly successful in what they do but they are incredible human beings.

Yesterday at UPW they were talking about the idea of influence and who your friends are. Tony made a great point that really hit home for me:


Today I’m hanging out with millionaires, former American Idol contestants, friends of mine from the entertainment industry and just great like minded people in general.

By simply being able to hang out and network with these people allows me the opportunity to create and cultivate relationships that will lead my life in many different directions.

So the moral of the story is make sure your peer group is one of influence, and that they are a group that is willing to push you and can help get your foot in the door in to areas where you want to be successful, have a great day everyone!!!




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