Great Question. This is probably one of the most debated things that I talk about with everyday people when it comes to arguing over mind-numbing shit like politics and nationally publicized event’s like The Christopher Dorner fiasco. Also fun topics like whether or no 9/11 was an inside job ;), and people trying to tell me why fox news is better than liberal NBC. Well, over the years I have developed a very keen way to analyze media. In fact I was so interested about this, I did a report in college (back in 2009) that compared media outlets all over the world analyzing how each media outlet reported on a single event that was happening in the War in Iraq.


The criteria I used to measure was language and symbology; for example, how many times a group like “Al Qaeda” was used in a negative connotation or just used to report an event. I would also look for different things like “slants” or biases when the story was getting reported. When it was all said and done. The list gave some crazy insight to just how ass backwards the media is in the U.S. Just for the record, this was my report and my criteria, so In an attempt to be completely transparent, I will give you a run down on my affiliations (because most people who don’t like hearing what they believe to be true tend to categorize you anyway so they can continue believing what ever non-sense fabrication of a life they believe.

Here is my Profile:

  • Political Affiliation: Mostly Libertarian or Constitutionalist 
  • Religion: Spiritual / No organized religious affiliation (what I believe is probably closest to Buddhism which is a philosophy more than a religion)
  • View on Gay Marriage: Doesn’t anyone realize 5,000+ american soldiers have died over the past 10 year in the middle east and our economy is the worst it has ever been since the great depression. When we figure out the best way to preserve American life and why 85% of college grads can’t find a job out of college than we can have a discussion about gay people getting married, until then, WHO CARES!
  • View on Abortion: Legal, The constitution says so. (if you don’t know where, it’s the 14th Amendment ;))
  • View on Drug Legalization: Should be legal (see “view on abortion”)
  • View on Obama: Who cares, the president doesn’t have nearly as much power or influence as Bank of America and Goldman Sachs + those companies will still be running shit when Obama is long gone
  • Was 9/11 and inside job? Well, if it wasn’t it was a pretty fucking sad day for the U.S. when a gaggle of barley educated pakistanis can simultaneously jack 4 commercial airliners, and then proceed to fly them in the most restricted airspace in the entire world and drop 3 buildings: (2 that were made to withstand jet impact, and one that didn’t even get hit by anything) as well as the Pentagon without any combative counter force or intelligence to stop it or warn us that this was going to happen. Coincidence? Perhaps, but there is something fishy going on there I suspect.

Ok, so now that you have a little insight on what I believe, let’s get back to the task at hand about media outlets. Below are my findings from this report I did in college years ago.

Scale from Most Accurately (1) Reported to Complete Fabrication and Disinformation (10):

  1. Al Jazeera (I was surprised too)
  2. CBC News
  3. The Australian
  4. Ukrainian News
  5. The Norway Post
  6. BBC News
  7. CNN
  8. CNBC
  9. ABC
  10. FOX

So, the moral of this story is that at least on this isolated news story about American Troops in Iraq, the Media outlet who you would think would be the most biased (Al jazeera) ended up giving the most fair and empirical reporting on the story while the communist Ukrainian news made the top 5. I think the question we should be asking ourselves is how in the fuck is this even possible?

These days, with so much bullshit out there to sift through, and having little time or desire to actually watch any kind of news, here is my quick list of how I get informed of whats going on in the world.

This should be a great list for anyone to start with.

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Steve 🙂


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